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what the District's think tank crowd is reading about the MENA

Post-Gadhafi journalism that you’ll read in the next 72 hours

Stolen from Spencer Ackerman’s blog:

1. Why Gadhafi’s Death Vindicates “Leading From Behind” (Tom Friedman)

2. Gadhafi’s Death Shows The U.S. Was Never Really ”Leading From Behind” (Anne-Marie Slaughter)

3. There Is Still More To Do In Libya (Any Washington Post op-ed)

4. On To Damascus, Then Teheran (Weekly Standard)

5. Gadhafi’s Death Shows The Post-Iraq Syndrome Is Over (TNR)

6. Whither The Obama Doctrine? (David Ignatius)

7. Saving The Responsibility To Protect From Future Libya Wars (Democracy Arsenal)

8. Slideshow: Bye, Bye Moammar (Foreign Policy)

9. Gadhafi’s Death May Not Lead To Bump For Obama (Politico)

10. The Warplanes And Warships of Libya  (WIRED’s Danger Room)

Pretty much everyone is going to claim credit for this one.

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