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Mubarak’s Bill Since the Revolution

In a study prepared by Abdel Moneim al-Sayed, a member of the International Arbitration Center, he listed the following costs:

  • Mubarak’s medical expenses at Sharm al-Sheikh Hospital since his resignation: LE175 million
  • Cost of transferring the interrogation team during the first 174 days Mubarak spent in Sharm el-Sheikh: LE15 million
  • Cost of transferring Mubarak from Sharm al-Sheikh to the court in Cairo using a helicopter, including the wages of the security guards: LE300 million.
  • Cost of transferring Mubarak from the International Medical Center to the court: LE25 million.
  • Cost of securing the court: LE12 million.

Go to AMAY here to see the rest. Dictators — even former ones — are expensive.

And that’s even without Aisha Gaddafi’s mermaid-shaped couch of solid gold.